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About Us

           Gurlek Plastik was built in 1975 to manufacture household plastics. In line with the market orientation, Gurlek Plastik expanded to meet the demand and has concentrated on the plastic buckets, plastic pails for food storage, especially for yoghurt packaging in 1994. Later in 2000, by putting into service the biggest 6-colored dry offset machine in the sector, Gurlek Plastik has become one of the leading plastic companies in the Turkish market for plastic pails and plastic buckets.

At Gurlek Plastik, we make sure that the product quality meets the customer expectations and needs. We also ensure on-time delivery of goods. Through unique product and quality service, Gurlek Plastik has an impressive list of clients in various Asian & Europeen countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Romanie,Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria. 

We are proud of being the industry leader for plastic pail and plastic bucket production, fulfilling our mission of 'bring out the best in everyone'.


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